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The Nelson’s Project

The Smith's Remodeling

At Prepare A Place LLC, we take pride in transforming homes into spaces that our clients will love. The Smith's Remodeling project was no exception. Our team worked closely with the clients to create a modern and functional space that met their needs. From updating the kitchen to adding new flooring throughout the home, we ensured that every detail was taken care of.

20131 Grove Street

125 Main Street

Prepare A Place LLC recently completed a renovation project at 125 Main Street. We worked with the client to design a space that was both beautiful and functional. The project involved updating the bathrooms, installing new lighting fixtures, and creating custom cabinetry in the kitchen. We are proud to have delivered a space that exceeded the client's expectations.

The Jefferson’s Lake House

The Johnson's Renovation

Prepare A Place LLC was thrilled to work on The Johnson's Renovation project. Our team worked closely with the clients to create a space that reflected their style and personality. We updated the living room with new flooring and lighting fixtures, and added a custom-built fireplace. We also renovated the bathroom, adding a new shower and vanity. The end result was a beautiful and functional space that the clients love.

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